Fueling the future of the collision industry by enriching opportunities for students in collision education.

Advanced high strength steel, alternative fuel systems, and other technological innovations are the future of vehicles. These advanced technologies will require a well-trained, skilled workforce to repair these vehicles safely and efficiently. How do you, as a student, school or supporter, fit into this future?


Take your interest and talents to the next level by pursuing career training in the collision industry. We offer scholarships, grants, and other education opportunities so you can develop sought-after skills and earn a good living in a trade that rewards hard work and passion. Learn more about the opportunities available to you.
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Our school grants provide collision programs the new tools, equipment, and supplies to enhance the educational experience, giving students the necessary skills and understanding of new technology. Collision repair businesses are then able to hire them as well-trained, productive, and efficient employees from day one on the job. Find out what’s available to your school.
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Thanks to the contributions of the entire collision industry, every member will benefit from higher levels of service and skilled labor, longer employee retention, and greater loyalty among industry business partners. Learn more on contributing to the cause and getting involved.
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